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What is TA-Q-BIN Collection?

Ta-Q-Bin Collection is a physical collection point in shopping malls designed to provide convenience for parcel collection. With the Ta-Q-Bin collection point at Takashimaya and Tampines Mall, you can collect your parcel anytime of the week, 365 days all year round while shopping around town!  Reduce the time waiting for your home deliveries and collect your parcels whenever you are shopping at Takashimaya and Tampines Mall!


Takashimaya Collection counter is located at
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238873

Operation Hours:

Monday to Sunday (everyday) 

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Tampines Mall Collection counter is located at
  Tampines Mall
  4 Tampines Central 5
  opposite #04-21/22
  Singapore 529510

  Operation Hours:

   Monday to Sunday (everyday)

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Bedok Mall Collection counter is located at
  Bedok Mall
  311 New Upper Changi Road
  opposite #B1-21 to 22
  Singapore 467360

  Operation Hours:

   Monday to Sunday (everyday)


waybill to taka

When you are dropping off the parcel, write the addressee’s name and contact number as per usual. For the receiving address, simply write “TAKASHIMAYA TA-Q-BIN COLLECTION COUNTER” with postal code 238873 on the waybill, or “TAMPINES MALL TA-Q-BIN COLLECTION COUNTER” with postal code 529510 on the waybill.

TQB Collection

Once the parcel is ready to be collected, you will receive a call or SMS alert for collection. Pick up the parcel anytime at Takashimaya between 10.00am~9.30pm every day (subjected to Takashimaya’s operating hours) and Tampines Mall between 10.00am-7.00pm.