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Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup and Delivery

TA-Q-BIN Lockers

Document TA-Q-BIN

Waybill and Price

TA-Q-BIN Collect


International TA-Q-BIN

Acceptable items for International TA-Q-BIN

Waybill issuing software “B2″

Corporate Account


Pickup and Delivery

  1. Q1. How can I arrange a pickup request? Will someone come over to my place?

    Pickup service is available only to TAQBIN credit customer with a minimum of 3 parcels per pickup via our website.

  2. Q2. Do you have boxes?

    We have 4 different box sizes.

    Please feel free to ask when you request for a pickup.

    Box Type Box 6
    Box 8
    Box 10
    Box 12
    Box Dimensions (cm)[Length x Breadth x Height] 26.8 x 19.8 x 13 32 x 23 x 15 42.4 x 31.4 x 23.8 50.1 x 37.1 x 29.2
    Rates S$1 S$2 S$3 S$4
  3. Q3. Can you pack my parcel for me?

    We are sorry, we don’t provide packing services. We handle only packed parcels.

  4. Q4. Do you provide house moving services?

    We provide house moving services. Please click here for more details.

  5. Q5. Can you store my parcels?

    We can deliver on your selected date. However, we do not store parcels.

    Please contact logistics division for storage service.

  6. Q6. What is the maximum size of parcels?

    The maximum size is up to 160cm and 25kg.

    Please click here for details.

  7. Q7. How can I make an arrangement for re-delivery?

    Please make your redelivery request via our website.

  8. Q8. Can I request a delivery for 1 month later?

    We are sorry, but you can only select a delivery date within 1 week from your request.

  9. Q9. What kind of compensation do you provide if my parcels become damaged?

    If we are held responsible for damage to your parcels, up to $2,000 can be covered for each invoice.

  10. Q10. Where are the TA-Q-BIN branches and what time are they open?

    Please check here.

  11. Q11Can you deliver parcels on weekends and public holidays?

    There is no TAQBIN delivery service on Sundays and Public Holidays.

  12. Q12. Can you pick my items up on weekends and public holidays?

    There is no TAQBIN pickup service on Sundays and Public Holidays

  13. Q13. Are there any no-go zones?

    We have some no-go zones. Please click here for details.

  14. Q14. Do you deliver plastic or paper packaged items?

    Items must be securely packed where contents cannot be removed without opening the packaging

  15. Q15. Can you send me boxes in advance and come to pickup after packing the items?

    Yes, we can.

  16. Q16. Will you call me if I am absent during delivery/pickup time?

    We do not call. An absent notification slip will be placed at your premise or an Absent SMS will be sent to  your mobile phone (if it is printed on the consignment note).

  17. Q17. Do you have express service?

    We do not provide express service

  18. Q18. Can you pickup at shopping malls or MRT stations?

    Pickup can only be only at location with a valid postal address.

  19. Q19. Can I send cheque?

    Yes, we do accept cross cheque. Please click here for more detail of items for which service is not available.

  20. Q20. What if the receiver is absent several times?

    We do re-delivery within one week starts from we received the parcel from sender.

    We will contact the sender and return the parcel if the item cannot be delivered to the receiver for more than 1 week.

  21. Q21. Can I check the status of my parcels?

    Please check your tracking number and click here to check your parcel’s status.

TA-Q-BIN Lockers

  1. Q1. What is TA-Q-BIN Locker?

    TA-Q-BIN Locker (Parcel Collection Point) is a convenient and secure way to collect your parcels. Shop online with our retail partners and deliver to a TA-Q-BIN Locker for self-collection at your own convenience. Note: This service is not available for Cool Ta-Q-Bin, Ta-Q-Bin Collect, Cash to Recipient and International Ta-Q-Bin.

  2. Q2. How does TA-Q-BIN Locker work?

    Basic Flow

    A. Absent/redelivery Flow: When the receiver is absent, the receiver can choose TA-Q-BIN Locker as the new delivery location

    B. Change Address Flow: For Digital waybill customer, receivers are able to receive the SMS notification in advance. The receiver can contact TA-Q-BIN to change the delivery location to TA-Q-BIN Locker.

  3. Q3. Why use the TA-Q-BIN Locker?

    The TA-Q-BIN Locker is an innovative and convenient solution for customers. You can choose which TA-Q-BIN Locker to collect from and it is available 24/7 (subjected to stores’ opening hours). You no longer need to wait at home or collect it from our branch office. TA-Q-BIN Locker is also simple to use and you can collect your parcels within a minute.

  4. Q4. Where are the TA-Q-BIN Locker located?

    TA-Q-BIN Lockers are conveniently located selected stores, a list of which can be found here.

  5. Q5. How big are your lockers?

    Each TA-Q-BIN Locker has 2 compartment sizes.

    Size 17-compartment 24-compartment
    Small 25cm x 13cm x 50cm
    Medium 30cm x 21.2cm x 41.2cm 25cm x 26.6cm x 50cm
    Large 30cm x 45.1cm x 41.2cm 42cm x 26.6cm x 50cm
  6. Q6. How do I collect my parcels from the TA-Q-BIN Locker?

    After you have chosen to deliver your parcel to a TA-Q-BIN Locker, TA-Q-BIN will deliver the parcel to the TA-Q-BIN Locker you have selected. Once the parcel is delivered to the designated TA-Q-BIN Locker, you will receive a SMS. After which, you can drop by to collect your parcel 24/7 (subjected to located stores opening hours).

  7. Q7. Do I need to register for a TA-Q-BIN Locker account to deliver my parcel to a TA-Q-BIN Locker?

    Currently, you do not need to register for a TA-Q-BIN Locker account. You can simply select the TA-Q-BIN Locker as delivery address for self-collection.

  8. Q8. What should I do if the locker door does not open after I have entered the PIN?

    Please reconfirm that you have entered the correct PIN number. If there is still problem, please contact our Call Center at 1800-2255-888

  9. Q9. How much time do I have to collect my parcel from the TA-Q-BIN Locker?

    User shall have three (3) days from the time of notification to collect the Parcel from the TA-Q-BIN Locker.

  10. Q10. What happens if my parcel is too large to fit into the lockers?

    If your parcel is too large to fit into the locker, we will deliver to your preferred location.

  11. Q13. Can I authorise someone to collect my parcel?

    You may authorise someone to collect your parcel from TA-Q-BIN Locker on your behalf, by forwarding the SMS notification to the authorised person at your discretion. Please note that you will bear the full responsibility for supplying the message details to a third party who is collecting the parcel in your name.

  12. Q12. Can I collect my parcel if I do not have a smart phone?

    Yes, you will receive SMS notification once the parcel is delivered to your TA-Q-BIN Locker.

  13. Q13. Can I return my parcel to the TA-Q-BIN Locker?

    Currently, this service is not available.

  14. Q14. Will I get a receipt as proof of delivery (POD)?

    Delivery slip handling procedure

    No. The waybill on the parcel is the proof of delivery after collection

    Evidence of delivery to locker

    • Tracking status of “Delivered”
    • Surveillance camera footage

Document TA-Q-BIN

  1. Q1. What is Document TA-Q-BIN?

    Document TA-Q-BIN is a Simple and Convenient Delivery Service. Simply collect the envelope from participating 7-Eleven stores, fill in the delivery details, put in your item and drop-off at 7-Eleven store. For more details, please refer to this page.

  2. Q2. Can I send items other than documents?

    Yes but the envelop must be completely sealed

  3. Q3. How much is it for Document TA-Q-BIN?

    Please check this page for further details.

  4. Q4. Where is this service available?

    Currently, this service is only available at 7-Eleven stores (except at Shell, Changi Airport, Pulau Bukom & Sentosa).

Waybill and Price

  1. Q1. Where can I get waybills?

    Blank Waybill

    You can get it at each of our branches.
    We will bring waybills to your place if you make a request when you arrange for a pickup.

    Pre-printed Waybill

    Please email for further assistance.

  2. Q2. How can I fill in the waybills?

    Please check this page for how to fill them in.

  3. Q3. How much does it cost for one parcel?

    Please check this page for further details.

  4. Q4. Do you charge for re-delivery?

    We don’t charge for re-delivery.

  5. Q5. I don’t want to fill in waybills by hand each time. Do you have any solutions?

    Click here for other solutions

  6. Q6. How many waybills are required if I have a few parcels for delivery?

    Please prepare the same number of waybills as parcels.

TA-Q-BIN Collect

  1. Q1. What is TA-Q-BIN Collect?

    Please check this page for further details.

  2. Q2. How much does this service cost?

    Please check this page for further details.

  3. Q3. What methods of payment are available?

    We accept cash and cross cheque. We will pay to your designated account by bank transfer through Giro at the earliest of a 10 day term.

  4. Q4. Can I pay by credit card?

    Sorry, we don’t receive credit card

  5. Q5. What are the requirements for using TA-Q-BIN Collect service?

    Filling out our application form, any documents that enable us to identify your bank transfer account and ACRA Biz File. The service will be activated within 4 to 5 working days after all documents have been received.

  6. Q6. Who can use TA-Q-BIN Collect?

    Only corporate customers can use TA-Q-Bin Collect. (Business enterprises that have a Company Registration Number and Business Registration Number.)

  7. Q7. How can I receive my payment?

    Payment from TA-Q-BIN is transferred to your designated account by Giro Transfer at the earliest of a 10 day term.


  1. Q1. What kind of items are deliverable?

    Please click this page for further details.

  2. Q2. How much is it for Cool TA-Q-BIN?

    There is an additional charge for Cool TA-Q-BIN. Please check this page for further details.

  3. Q3. How many degrees is the setting for the fridge and freezer?

    The fridge temperature is maintained at between 0 – 10 degrees Celsius. The freezer temperature is maintained at under -15 degrees Celsius.

International TA-Q-BIN

  1. Q1. What are the required documents?

    One international waybill and two invoices are required for each parcel.

    Invoice is not necessary for documents under 1kg.

  2. Q2. What is an invoice?

    An invoice is a compulsory document for custom clearance. Please check this page for a sample invoice.

  3. Q3. Can the receiver pay for international delivery charges?

    Delivery charges billed to receiver is not acceptable. Regarding custom, only contract shipper can choose post-payment service by receiver.

  4. Q4. Where are your service areas?

    Our service areas are Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan and Malaysia.(Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Penang)

  5. Q5. How long does it take to deliver?

    It takes approximately 3-4 days.

    It may take longer when customs is not working.

  6. Q6. How can I check my parcel status after arrival in Japan?

    Please check the same Yamato Singapore website.

  7. Q7. Can I send suitcase as International TA-Q-BIN parcel?

    Yes, but suitcase must be empty and unlocked and packed into a box for delivery.

  8. Q8. Can I select the delivery date?

    Sorry, we don’t deliver on fixed date for international.

  9. Q9. Can you pickup my parcel at a hotel?

    Yes, please inform us your hotel address, contact number and your room number when you make an arrangement for pickup. Unaccompanied baggage cannot use for International Ta-Q-Bin.

  10. Q10. What is custom duty?

    Custom duty is the tax of the delivery country.

    As the tax is to protect industries of the country, tax rates are different depending on delivery countries.

    In addition to tariff, goods tax and added-value tax may be billed. Those taxes are called “multi-tax expenses.”

  11. Q11. How much does it cost for custom duty?

    The amount will be determined by customs based on the time you sent.

    We are unable to determine the amount for custom duty.

  12. Q12. Can I send a golf bag?

    No, at least the golf bag has to be packed into a box, and the size is within our handling size and weight.

  13. Q13. I want to send a present to receiver, but I don’t want receiver to pay custom duty.

    We can charge custom duty to sender later if the sender has a corporate account.

    We cannot charge custom duty to sender for non-corporate customers.

  14. Q14. Can I send personal items such as clothes even though I am not moving internationally?

    Yes, but custom duty will be billed even for unnecessary items.

    Please fill in the details of the items (T-shirts (old)).

  15. Q15. Can you provide me with an invoice because I don’t have printer.

    Please inform us when you request for a pickup.

    Also, tell us the amount of the items.

  16. Q16. Can I fill in the invoice in Japanese?

    Sorry, please fill it in English.

  17. Q17. Do I have to put the declaration price in S$?

    Please fill it in S$.

  18. Q18. Can I indicate any other address except for my home, Yamato Transport Center, or branch as a delivery address?

    Please indicate your home address.

Acceptable items for International TA-Q-BIN

  1. Q1. What are unacceptable items?

    Please click this page for further details.

  2. Q2. Can I send snacks and candies?

    Yes, you can, if the product can be kept at normal temperature and the expiry date is over 1 month.
    Unbaked cakes are not acceptable.

  3. Q3. Can I send computers?

    Sorry, we cannot handle computers because of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
    We cannot handle computers even for those without battery.

  4. Q4. Can you charge document price for one parcel when it is the same size as a document?

    We cannot do so if it is not a document.

  5. Q5. Can I send food item that last for a while and are to be kept at room temperature?

    We can deliver if the goods are not prohibited and the expiry date is over 1 month.

  6. Q6. Can you deliver application forms and examination admission slips?

    Sorry, we cannot handle documents that contain personal information and cannot re-issue.

  7. Q7. Can I send suitcase as International TA-Q-BIN parcel?

    Yes, but suitcase has to be unlocked and packed into a box for delivery.

  8. Q8. Can you deliver items to the airport?

    We cannot deliver to undefined addresses.

  9. Q9. Can you send items by ship?

    Sorry, we only send items by air.

  10. Q10. Can I send drinks in plastic bottles?

    Sorry, we don’t handle drinks because they are prohibited items.
    Please click this page for further information.

  11. Q11. Can I send cash?

    Sorry, we don’t handle cash because it is considered a prohibited item.
    Please click this page for further information.

  12. Q12. Can I send a golf bag?

    No, at least the golf bag has to be packed into a box,
    and the size is within our handling size and weight.

  13. Q13. Can I send chilled and frozen items by international TA-Q-BIN?

    We only deliver goods at room temperature for International.

  14. Q14. Can I send DVDs and CDs to Japan?

    According to article 69 of the Japanese duties Act, it’s forbidden to send porno and salacious objects.
    If you want to send DVDs, you must fill in article of agreement to pledge to skirt the article.
    It may take longer to pass customs clearance, if you send DVDs.

Waybill issuing software "B2"

  1. Q1. What are the conditions of installing B2?

    If you have a corporate account with us, you can install this B2 software.
    Also your computer should have the below specifications.


  2. Q2. Is it a free software?

    Yes, it is a free software.

  3. Q3. What is the advantage of B2?

    You will be able to issue waybills on your own.
    You will be able to track your parcel’s status.
    You will be able to check your shipment volume data.

  4. Q4. How to install B2?

    We will provide you the manual after you open a corporate account with us and apply for B2.

  5. Q5. How can I receive my B2 ID and password?

    Please send inquiry to the sales department ( or call the call center.

  6. Q6. Can you re-issue B2 ID and password?

    Please send inquiry to the sales department ( or call the call center.

  7. Q7. Can I change the B2 password?

    Sorry, the B2 software is not able to change the password.

  8. Q8. Can I get a copy of a waybill at pickup?

    Sorry, the B2 software is not able to issue copies of waybills.
    Please check with B2 data.

  9. Q9. How Can I get a B2 form?

    Please inform our drivers or email. (

  10. Q10. Can I request for pickup by B2?

    Sorry, for B2 you are not able to send pickup requests automatically.
    Please go to our website or call our hotline. You can also go down to our branches.

  11. Q11. What kind of data is required?

    We will provide you the manual after you open a corporate account and apply for B2.

  12. Q12. Can I use B2 for 2 computers?

    Each computer will need its own individual ID.
    Please inform us about usage of several computers when the ID is issued.

  13. Q13. Can you integrate B2 with our own system?

    Please contact (

  14. Q14. I cannot use B2 because there is some kind of error. What should I do?

    Please email ( or call our hotline.
    Please inform us what kind of error you are encountering.

  15. Q15. Can I do a B2 trial?

    We do not offer B2 trials.
    Please email ( if you need further details.

Corporate Account

  1. Q1. How can I open a corporate account?

    There are some conditions to open an account.
    Please email ( for further details.

  2. Q2. What is the advantage of opening a corporate account?

    You can pay by credit instead of cash and we will send a monthly invoice in the next month.
    You will be able to use B2.
    You won’t need to give us your company information each time you use our services because you will be issued a customer code.

  3. Q3. When are the payment terms?

    It depends on the contract agreement.
    Please check the payment terms with your invoice on the bottom right side.


  4. Q4. How can I change my address?

    Please email (

  5. Q5. Can you open an account without UEN (company registration number)?

    Basically UEN is required on agreement.
    Please email ( if you do not have a UEN number.

  6. Q6. I lost my customer card.

    Please email (

  7. Q7. Is there a minimum volume for shipment?

    There may be some conditions on your agreement.
    Please email ( for inquiry.

  8. Q8. Can you issue separate invoices for each department?

    Yes, please inform our sales staff when you open an account.

  9. Q9. When can I receive my invoice?

    We will send you your invoice at the beginning of the following month following our previous month’s closing.
    We will send you your invoice by the 10th of the following month.

  10. Q10. Can I give you 2 addresses, one for pickup and one for billing?

    Please inform our sales staff when you open an account.

  11. Q11. Can you arrange a fixed pickup time without submitting pickup request everyday?

    Yes, you can make an arrangement for daily pick up if the parcel volume is sufficient.
    Please go to our website to send us the sales inquiry.
    You can also go down to our branches.

  12. Q12. I am planning to run my own business. Can you assist with things like managing warehouses and delivery?

    Please email (
    We would like to share business solutions of our previous experiences.


  1. Q1. Is TA-Q-BIN (Yamato Transport(S) PTE. LTD) a Japanese company?

    Yes, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company and “TA-Q-BIN” is our product name.


  1. Q1. Can I receive my parcels upon arrival at destination?

    With regards to customs clearance, customer has to submit unaccompanied baggage declaration form once they arrived at destination country. The clearance process will take about 2 weeks for sea freight and 3 to 5 days for air freight.  It is possible to submit the documents in event of temporary arrival, please contact us in advance.


    ※Customs clearance will be seperate for sea and air freight using unaccompanied baggage declaration form.

    Due to the above reason, it is not possible to process customs clearance at the same time.

  2. Q2. Is it possible to send items from warehouse and home located in Japan?

    It is possible to arrange for import in Singapore before returning to Japan.

  3. Q3. Is it possible to move pets?

    We do not have pet moving service but we do provide documents related to pet relocation. For more information, please refer to the following links.

    Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

  4. Q4. Is it possible to dispose garbage?

    We provide disposal service for bulky items and electical appliances. However, we do not provide disposal service for personal items and garbage. Please dispose off beforehand.

  5. Q5. Do you have removal service on weekends and public holidays?

    We operate on Saturday mornings. However, we do not operate on Saturday noon, Sunday and public holidays. Some condominiums do not permit moving on Saturdays.

  6. Q6. Can I still move if the destination address is not confirmed?

    Sea freight can be used even though destination address is not confirmed but will be confirmed upon arrival at destination country. If there is a need to store in the warehouse for a long time, please inform us in advance.

  7. Q7.What is the common problem for removal?

    For instance, passport or contract documents are placed in sea freight by mistake. There will also be problem when owner claims that you took their item along with your baggage. The moving process will run smoothly if you segregate the items properly. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

  8. Q8. Information of condominium moving

    Application for house moving permit is required prior to removal. If the parking area and lift is not reserved in advance, we are unable to carry out the removal process even if our schedule is set. Once your schedule is confirmed, please contact us in advance.

    ※ We will apply for housing moving permit on your behalf (except for Tanshin Plan).

  9. Q9. House Cleaning

    We do provide this service but your landlord might have engaged a contractor for cleaning service. Please check with your landlord.

  10. Q10. Airline ticket and hotel reservation

    We can make the arrangements, please contact us for more details.

  11. Q11. Piano Removal

    Yes, we provide piano moving service within Singapore and overseas.

TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

Air & Sea Freight