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7-Eleven Parcel Drop Off

You can now drop-off your parcel at the 7-Eleven store nearest to you and enjoy special discount from normal TA-Q-BIN delivery rate. Only Ta-Q-Bin prepaid parcels can be drop off at 7-Eleven outlets. However, chilled and frozen parcels cannot be accepted at 7-Eleven stores.

Click here for the List of participating 7-Eleven outlets.

7-Eleven Parcel Drop off Time Zone Service

Delivery Type Customer Drop-off Driver Pickup Delivery Time Zone Remarks
Day N+1 Between 12am to 5pm (Sat by 3pm) Same Day by 7pm (Sat by 5pm) Day N+1
8am to 8pm
Items drop off after 3pm on Sat or PH eve will be picked on following working day for next day delivery.
 Day N+2 Between 5pm to 12am Next Day by 7pm (Sat by 5pm) Day N+2
8am to 8pm

Document Ta-Q-Bin



Document Ta-Q-Bin is a Simple and Convenient Delivery Service for documents and small items. Currently, this service is only available at 7-Eleven stores (except at Shell, Changi Airport, Pulau Bukom & Sentosa). Just follow the simple steps below to send items at your convenience.



7-Eleven Parcel Drop off Service Rates


Parcel Size * Document TA-Q-BIN 60 80 100 120 140 160
Total Size (A+B+C) Up to 1Kg Max 60cm Max 80cm Max 100cm Max 120cm Max 140cm Max 160cm
7-Eleven Parcel Drop Off Rate $5 $6 $9 $12 $16 $24 $29




(Figure A. )

[Important Notes]

  • The rates are only applicable for 7-Eleven drop off only.
  • Total Size (cm) refers to the combined total of the length, width and height.
  • When the parcel size exceeds the standard size stated, the larger parcel size shall apply. (For example, if the parcel size is 70cm, the service charge will be S$9.00.)
  • Service is not available for items that exceeds size 160cm or weight 25kg.
  • Document Ta-Q-Bin service is only available at 7-Eleven stores.
  • Document Ta-Q-Bin is only available with “Document Ta-Q-Bin” envelope.
    (Please refer to Figure A.)

Items for which service is not available


Please click here for List of Prohibited Items.

How to send parcel at 7-Eleven Stores?

1. Pass the parcel to 7-Eleven staff and they will make sure that it does not contain prohibited items and the value of parcel is less than SGD$2,000.

2. Customer is to fill up 4 sections in the waybill before pasting waybill on the parcel.

3. 7-Eleven staff will measure the parcel using Ta-Q-Bin measuring tape.

4. 7-Eleven staff will fill up the remaining sections in the same waybill.

5. 7-Eleven staff will return 1st copy of waybill slip (Receipt and invoice copy for Sender) to customer.

6. 7-Eleven staff will keep 2nd copy of waybill slip (Agency copy).

7. 7-Eleven staff will pass the 3rd copy of waybill slip (Sales copy) to Ta-Q-Bin driver.

8. Customer will have to pay the delivery charges in cash to 7-Eleven staff.

9. 7-Eleven staff will pass the parcel to Ta-Q-Bin driver for delivery.

 Customer 7-Eleven Staff
1. (Addressee) Name, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code
2. (Sender) Name, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code
3. Preferred Delivery Date
4. Item Description
1. Reception Date & Planned Delivery Date
2. Measurement
3. Store Stamp



TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

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