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What Is a B2 Waybill


B2 is free software which can be used to make waybills through simple procedures and requires only a personal computer and printer. This software is intended for use by corporations and sole proprietorships.


Click here
to download B2
B2 user ID and Password is required to download this software. Email to [email protected] to request for one.
*Note: A corporate account is required to download B2 software.

For B2 system IT Support, click here to download

Yamato Transport IT Support.exe

Simple Implementation

Implementation is simple and hassle free. Just apply for usage and then install the software.


Realizing comfortable shipping operations

Only corporate customers with accrual contracts can register for this service.Trouble-free printing is possible even when shipping in large volume. If you want to use B2 software, please send inquiry to the sales department ([email protected]) or call the call centre at 1800-2255-888..


taqbin4 *Waybills are provided free of charge.


Services available for use


TA-Q-BIN provides swift and reliable delivery to anywhere in Singapore (except No-Go Zones), operating 365 days a year. One telephone call is all it takes to have us come and pickup your parcel at the location that you specify. Also, we use a Parcel Tracking System to manage the status of parcels during transportation. We have prepared a rich lineup of products that respond to a variety of needs.  (Shipping may be performed the following day when requests are not received before the time deadline.)



Two types of temperature management systems, a frozen system and a refrigerated system, are used to ensure freshness and flavor when delivering parcels. We also provide a pickup service for the use of our customers.


TA-Q-BIN Collect

TA-Q-BIN Collect provides safe and convenient collection of products that are purchased by mail order. Peace of mind is provided because payment of the product price is performed in exchange for the product. We also telephone our customers in advance before delivery.  We accept payment by cash and check.

Note: This service is only available for customers with TA-Q-BIN corporate account.

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