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Logistics & Warehousing

Yamato Transport offers flexible and one-stop logistics and warehousing solutions. We aim to provide you with optimal location and infrastructure in order to meet your distribution needs. With our one-stop solution, we aim to improve efficiency and at the same time reduce your fixed costs. We understand that in business, there are always changes in sales and marketing cycles hence we provide flexible options each tailored to meet your individual business needs.


At Yamato Transport, we specialize in cost-effective design and management of product transportation, storage, distribution and integrated logistics services from pre-production to end users at the right time and right cost. This is to enable companies to focus on their own core competencies.


In terms of standard warehousing, our services include:
– Inventory control and management
– Warehouse management
– Buyer’s consolidation
– Breakbulk Distribution / Product Mixing
– Just-In-Time delivery
– Tracking and Tracing
– Packing and Picking / Kitting


With our wide range of services, we are confident to improve the competitive advantages of our customers.


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One-stop Ecommerce Business Solution

One-stop Business Solution  assists you to setup or improve your ecommerce business. With our strength in logistics, you can rely on us to improve your delivery service hence generate more sales.


In what ways can One-stop Ecommerce Business Solution help you?
– manage your business using our mail-order system.
– operate your business using mail-order at a low cost.
– simplify your online order processing using mail-order.
– increase the number of repeat buyers.


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TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
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Air & Sea Freight