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Self-Pack Air Plan to Japan

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Looking for a fast and affordable way to send your personal items back to Japan? Look no further than our Self Pack Air Plan, offering direct delivery to specified destinations in Japan at a flat rate of S$500 per 25kg.


For more details, refer to our guidebook here or read on to find out more!


*Please note that this service caters to personal items only. Delivery of goods for business purposes are not accepted.


Plan Specifications
Price $500 per 25 kg, inclusive of insurance.
Delivery zone 1 All of Japan, excluding Okinawa and specific islands
Box specifications 2 Maximum Weight 25kg
Maximum Measurement 160 cm (sum of breadth, width, height)
Insurance Compensation Upper Limit 3 ¥300,000
Collection Timing To be discussed with our staff
Tax exemption 4 Up to ¥200,000 of the combined value of your air shipment and personal hand-carry luggage will be exempted from tax

  • Receipts may be required for verification
 Additional Notes:

1Each delivery is limited to one address under this plan

2Carton boxes are available for S$10 per piece, inclusive of delivery fee, Customer can
opt-out to use carton boxes for a lower delivery cost at $450 in stead of $500 per 25kg.

3Items such as replicas, antiques, arts, etc. are not covered under the insurance plan

4Only applicable to non-Singaporeans staying in Singapore for less than 6 months

Click Here for Application
  • Send in your application online, or by giving us a call
  • Our staff will follow up with more detailed information and arrangements
Delivery of Packing Materials
  • The waybill will be delivered to your before the move out day
  • If you opt for our carton boxes at S$10 each, they will be delivered with other packing materials (tape and cushioning materials)
Self-Packing & Documentation
  • Customers will need to pack their items and fill in the Waybill by themselves
  • Please remember to write your name and the waybill number on your boxes as well
  • Kindly take note that we do not provide packing servicse in this plan
Moving Out
  • Our professional movers will visit your current residence to move out the pre-packed boxes
  • Our movers will be collecting your payment in cash after the move is completed
Arrival in Japan
Moving In
  • Provided all necessary documentations are filed in time, shipment of items will take 5 – 10 days to be delivered to the doorstep of your Japan residence
  • Our staff will collect tax and duty in cash, if any, at the time of delivery


Click Here for Application

Necessary Documentation

  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. Photocopy both sides of EP (only for non-Singaporeans who stayed in Singapore for more than 6 months)
  3. Waybill
  4. CD/DVD Title List


Payment Method

Customers may choose to make payment in cash only at any of the following times:

  1. During the parcel collection in Singapore
  2. During the parcel delivery in Japan

*If any tax/duty charges are incurred, additional payment will be collected in cash only upon delivery in Japan



1. Before packing, you may like to refer to our Packing Guide for steps and tips.

2. Please refer to the “Points to Note” tab for detailed guidance on prohibited items

3. Please take note of the following when filling in the waybill:

  • Sundries, Daily necessities, Cosmetic products, Food items, and Medicine must be clearly stated in terms of type and quantity
  • Remember to write your name and the waybill number on your boxes as well.
  • preparation_packing


How to Fill in Waybill



Prohibited Items

Food Items eg. Meat Products (eg. Meat, ham sausages, jerky),
Plants, rice, dried flowers, seeds, fresh/dried fruits
Valuables eg. Cash, securities, bankbook, credit card, jewelleries
Hazardous Items eg. Aerosol sprays, lighters, matchsticks, thinner, benzene, explosives, weapons (handgun, swords, bullets, BB gun)
Illegal Drugs eg. Stimulants, marijuana, opium, bongs
Others eg. Books, obscene drawings, items that goes against peace or customs


Items with Limit Restrictions

Cosmetics Limited to 24 pieces per type
Pharmaceuticals – Contact lenses, Vitamins and supplements (Limited to 2 months’ worth of supplies)
– Current Medication (Limited to 24 pieces per type)
Liquids – Alcohol (Limited to 3 bottles, at 760ml per bottle)
– Perfume (Limited to 2 ounces/ ~56ml)
Others – New products exceeding 200,000 yen will be taxable
– Certification is required for products made from species listed in the CITES appendices, (eg. leather, fur, horn, bones, ivory)


TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
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