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Besso Plan (by Air)

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Besso International Ta-Q-Bin

A convenient moving service via air for customers returning to Japan.

(Customs Declaration Form is required.)


Service Details

1. Flat rate of SGD350 for all areas in Japan (excluding Okinawa and some archipelagos).

2. Carton box available for SGD10 per piece (delivery fee included).

3. Collection will be handled by Singaporean staff.

4. Maximum weight for each parcel is 25kg.

5. Please understand that time slot selection is not accepted.


Criteria for sending via Besso

1. Delivery destination is Japan only.

2. This service is available for personal use only.

3. We do not accept delivery for business, sale or purchase of products.

4. Maximum weight for each parcel is 25kg.

5. This service is not available for that parcel size exceeds 160cm (sum of length, width and breadth).

6. Limited to one delivery address.


Insurance Fee

1. Maximum insurance coverage is 300,000yen per parcel.

In addition, insurance fee for compensation of damaged goods are included in moving cost.

• Replica products, antiques, arts and etc are not covered by insurance.


Tax Exemption (for customer who stayed in Singapore for less than 6 months)

Combined value of Besso Ta-Q-Bin and handcarry luggage up to 200,000yen will be exempted from tax

(limited to personal use).

Receipt required for amount verification.


  • A guide book will be sent to you after web application.
Delivery of Packing Materials
  • Packing materials and waybills will be delivered to you.
    (Carton box, tape and cushioning materials)
Packing & Documentation
  • Pack and fill in waybills.
  • Waybill number to be written on carton boxes.
Moving Out
  • Your household goods will be moved out of the current location.
Returning to Country
Moving In
  • 5 to 10 days from moving out to moving in.
  • ※Provided all necessary documentation is in placed.


Necessary Documentation

  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. Photocopy both sides of EP  (only for customer who stayed in Singapore for more than 6 months)
  3. Waybill Record (for guide on how to fill in waybill record, please refer to the sample in PDF)
  4. CD / DVD Title List (for customers sending CD or DVD)



1. Before packing, please take note of prohibited items listed in the tab [Points to Note].

2. Please take note while filling in waybill.

1.1 Cosmetics, common medications, food & beverage.

       Please specify manicure, cold medicine, chocolate, etc.

1.2 Miscellaneous items, daily necessity, souvenirs.

       Failure to specify the items in detail might cause delay at customs clearance

       For example, Souvenir is a food, clothing or ornament?

3. Write down waybill number and name on the box.




Custom Declaration Form

For submission of Customs Declaration Form (please refer to Customs Declaration Guide).


Payment Method

1. Payment in Singapore

Please make payment to our staff upon parcel collection (Cash only).

2. Payment in Japan

Please make payment to ur staff upon delivery (Cash only).

* Tax & duty (if any) will be collected in Japan.


How to Fill in Waybill


Please take note of the following Prohibited items

Prohibited items
  • Dangerous items such as spray, gas, lighter, matchsticks, thinner, benzine & etc.
  • Plants, rice, dried flowers, seed, fresh fruits, dried fruits.
  • Meat products such as meat, ham, sausage, beef jerky & etc.
  • Stimulant, marihuana, opium, suction machine and illicit drugs.
  • Handgun, swords, explosive substance, explosives, bullet and BB gun.
  • Book, drawing (obscenity) which affects public peace, manners or customs.
  • Currency, notes, securities, bankbook, credit card, jewel, valuables.


Restricted items
Contact lens, vitamin, supplement : max 2 months supply
Common Medication : within 24pcs per item
Cosmetics : within 24pcs per type
Alcohol : 3 bottle (760 ml/bottle)
Tobacco : (200 sticks/paper roll) (50 sticks/leaf roll)
Perfume : 2 ounces (1 ounce is about 28ml)
New Products : taxable if total value exceed 200,000yen.
Items which are regulated by Washington Convention (CITES required)


TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

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