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Self-Pack Sea Plan to Japan

Click here for applicationRelocating for work or returning home to Japan alone by yourself? Fret not as Yamato’s Self-Pack Sea Plan has got you covered!


With this DIY plan, you can now deliver your items to Japan at an affordable price, inclusive of insurance coverage. We offer 3 plans of different sizes, with direct delivery to your doorstep in Japan.


For more details, you may refer to our guidebook here or read on to find out more!


Plan Type Comparison Chart

Plan Type S Package M Package L Package
Price Please contact us @ [email protected]
No. of Carton Boxes 1 Big 4 6 8
Small 6 9 12
*Specialised carton boxes for Golf Bags are available upon request

(1 Golf Bag carton box = 1 Big carton box + 1 Small carton box)

Insurance Compensation Upper Limit 2  Per Carton Box  ¥ 200,000
 Per Package  ¥ 1,000,000  ¥ 1,500,000  ¥ 2,000,000
Collection Timing (Singapore) 3 Weekdays morning or afternoon, to be discussed with our staff
Delivery Zone 4 All of Japan, excluding Okinawa and specific islands
Additional Notes:

  1. We cannot handle your items if they cannot fit in the boxes provvided, or that the number of boxes exceed the quantity stated in the plan. In such cases, you may consider our Standard International Moving Plan instead.
  2. In the event of damanged or missing parcel, repairs/purchases of substitutes will be done by the customers, while Yamato Transport will make the insurance claim on behalf of the customers. Claims exceeding the limit stated will not be compensated.
  3. Under this plan, the pick-up and delivery address is limited to one location each.
  4. Delivery is made to your doorstep in Japan. Kindly note that under this plan, we provide neither unpacking services nor collection of carton boxes after delivery.


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Delivery of Packing Materials
  • Packing materials such as carton boxes, tape and cushioning materials will be delivered to you in advance of the move out day
Packing & Documentation
  • Customers will need to pack their items and fill in the Packing List by themselves
  • Kindly take note that we do not provide packing services in this plan
Condo Application
  • Customers staying in private condominiums will need to apply for a moving out permit with your condominium’s management office in advance
  • Please refer to the “Preparations” tab for detailed guidance
Moving Out
  • Our professional movers will visit your current residence to move out the pre-packed boxes
  • Our movers will be collecting your payment in cash after the move is completed
  • It is also possible to pay to our designated account before the actual moving day
Arrival in Japan
  • Upon arrival in Japan, please submit the Customs Declaration Form which can be obtained at the airport
Moving In
  • Provided all necessary documentation are filed in time, shipment of items will take 1 month to be delivered to the doorstep of your Japan residence
Click Here for Application

Necessary Documentation

  1. Photocopy both sides of EP (only applicable to non-Singaporeans who stayed in Singapore for more than 6 months)
  2. pdf Removal Application Form
  3. pdf Packing list / pdf Sample
  4. pdf Customs Declaration Form / pdf Guide



  1. Before packing, you may like to refer to our Packing Guide for steps and tips.
  2. Please refer to the “Points to Note” tab for detailed guidance on prohibited items.


Condominium Moving Application

Customers residing in private condominiums need to inform the management office about the move several days before the actual moving day.

  1. It is recommended to inform your residence’s management as soon as possible, as certain condominiums may require notification up to 1 week in advance of the actual moving day
  2. Application form for the Moving Permit can usually be obtained from the condominium’s management office.
  3. A deposit will be required in advance for the permit application, which may cost about S$500 – S$2,000. This will be returned upon completion of the move.
  4. Certain condominiums may charge an administrative fee as well.
  5. Please take note that we will not be able to conduct the move, if the condominium’s management does not approve the permit application.

Payment Method

We will be collecting cash upon baggage collection in Singapore.

※ It is possible to pay to our designated account before actual moving day.

Prohibited and Regulated Items

exclamation_point There is a possibility of thorough inspection of all items in the boxes by the Customs clearance officer. If prohibited items are found to be present, or certain items are found to have exceeded their restricted limit, the shipment process will be delayed and customers may be punishable by law. As a result, customers may lose ownership to their belongings and may be required to head down to the Japan Customs office. Foreigners visiting Japan may have their visa status affected by the investigation too. Therefore please pack authorized items only, and do not include items from other people whose contents are unknown to you. You will assume full responsibility for the items as the shipper, in face of enquiries from the Japanese customs officer.
Please consult us if you are unsure of the items as stated below.

Prohibited Items

Food Items eg. Vegetables, Fruits, Processed meat (Jerky, Ham, Sausages), Dried fruits

  • Allowed dried fruits: Apricot, Figs, Kiwi, Persimmon, Plum, Pear, Jujube, Dates, Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Grapes, Mango, Peach, Longan
Counterfeit Items eg. Pornography, Child pornography, Pirated DVDs, Imitation goods (Cash, Securities documents, Credit Cards)
Animals & Plants eg. Live animals and plants, Seeds, Cut/Dried flowers, Pine cones, Walnuts, Bulbs
Valuables eg. Cash, Securities, Bankbook, Stock certificate, Hard-to-Price assets (Precious metal, Antique art)
Hazardous Items eg. Aerosol sprays, Firecrackers, Gunpowder, Weapons (Guns, Knives, Swords, Tasers, etc), Model weapons (light saber, toy guns, etc), Combustibles (Matches, Lighters, etc)
Chemicals eg. Poison, Harmful substances, Drugs (Cannabis, Opium, Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA, Illegal Herbs, Psychotrophic drugs, Speed drugs, etc)
Others – Products made from species listed in the CITES appendices, eg. leather, fur, horn, bones, ivory
– Furniture and musical instruments made from exotic wood
– Cigarettes, Alcoholic drinks, Perfume
– Items that contain rocks and soil
– Products made from straw, eg. Straw mats
– Excessive amount of medication
– Items that require Import Certificate or Letter of Approval
– Items that isn’t admitted as personal usage, eg. Medical equipment
– Electric bikes, including electric scooters


Items with Limit Restrictions

Cosmetics – Limited to a maximum of 24 items for each type of cosmetic products
– Make-up items (eg. Lipstick) will be treated as one type of product regardless of different colors
Pharmaceuticals – eg. Contact lenses, Contact solutions, Current medication, Vitamins
– Limited to 2 months’ worth of supplies
Food & Beverage Items – eg. Canned food, Dried fruits, Nuts, Snacks, Coffee, Tea, Seasonings
– Limited to a total of 10kg


Personal Items to be excluded from Shipping Cargo

As Yamato Group is not responsible for the loss/misplacement of shipments, we recommend customers to keep the following items in their hand-carry luggage instead. These applies to individuals as well as all family members.

  • Passport/Identification Card
  • Keys to your residence, office, car, suitcase, etc.
  • Daily pills/medicine, inhalers, etc.
  • Driving licence, Credit/Debit cards, Cash, Stock certificates, Passbooks, and similar important documents
  • Expensive jewelleries, watches, accessories, clothing
  • Shoes to be worn at the time of departure
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