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Tanshin Plan (by Sea)

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S Package M Package L Package
Japan S$900 S$1100 S$1,300
No. of carton box Big 4 Small 6 Big 6 Small 9 Big 8 Small 12
Delivery Zone ● Excluding Okinawa and some archipelagos.


pdf Guide to Tanshin Plan


Box Size


※We can provide carton boxes for Golf bags.
In the event that you use the carton box for golf bag, 1 big box and 1 small box will be decreased from your relocation Plan.


Insurance Fees

Overseas relocation Tanshin Plan’s compensation limit is as follows:
– 200,000 yen per carton box
– S course total 1,000,000 yen
– M course total 1,500,000 yen
– L course total 2,000,000 yen
We do not handle items that exceed the compensation limit.
In case the parcel is damaged or missing, we may ask the customer to arrange repair or prepare substitutes. We do not reimburse shipping fee or compensate for parcels in the event of delivery delay.



Our local staff will contact you.

Collection will be on weekdays morning or afternoon.

Please note that we are unable to set collection timing.



We will deliver to your doorstep.

Please note that we do not provide unpacking and carton box collection service.


  • A guide book will be sent to you after web application.
Delivery of Packing Materials
  • Packing materials will be delivered to you. (Carton box, tape and cushioning materials)
Packing & Documentation
  • Customer to handle packing and fill in packing list.
Condo Application
  • Customer staying in condominium has to apply for moving out approval from their condominium management office.
Moving Out
  • Your household goods will be moved out of the current location.
  • Please pay in cash after moving out completion.
  • ※It is possible to pay to our designated account before actual moving day.
Returning to Country
Moving In
  • 1 month from moving out to moving in.
  • ※Provided all necessary documentation is in placed.


Necessary Documentation

  1. Photocopy both sides of EP (issued more than 6 months ago).
  2. pdf Application of Removal (Tanshin Plan) / pdf Sample
  3. pdf Packing list / pdf Sample
  4. pdf Customs Declaration Form / pdf Guide



  1. Before packing, please take note of prohibited items listed in the tab [Points to Note].
    pdf Packing Guide


Condominium Moving Application

It is required to notify the condominium management office about the move several days before the actual moving day.

  1. Please fill in the application form to notify the Management office with regards to the moving.
  2. Please prepare the deposit in advance, it will cost about S$500- S$2000.
  3. After reporting the condominium management office that the moving is over, the deposit will be returned.

※1、Please take note that in the event that the condominium management did not approve the form,we are not able to conduct the moving.

※2、Some condominiums requires application fees.

※3、Since some condominium requires notification 1 week before the actual moving day, we recommend that you confirm with the condominium management office as soon as possible.


Payment Method

We will be collecting cash upon baggage collection in Singapore.

※It is possible to pay to our designated account before actual moving day.


  • In Tanshin plan, we do not handle items that cannot fit in the box, and number of boxes exceeds the quantity stated in the plan. Under such circumstances, you might want to consider Raku Raku Pack.
  • For Tanshin plan, pickup address and delivery address is limited to one location each.

Please take note of the following Prohibited items

Food The dried fruits of outside vegetables, fruit, beef jerky, ham and sausage fry meat goods/below
◆The dried fruits by which handling is possible <<something of plant quarantine applying>>
Fig, Persimmon, Kiwi, Plum, Pear, Apricot, Jujube, Date, Pineapple, Banana and Papaya
Mango, Peach and Longan (product made from the endocarp of Coco coconut palm granular )
Counterfeiting items and other Pornography, child pornography (Both book and picture), illegally copied DVDs, copied product
Currency, Security, Credit card /Cash card are counterfeiting, Forgery and Imitation
Animals, Plants Living Animals and Plants, Seed, Cut-flower, Dry-flower, Pinecone, Walnuts and Tuber
Valuables Cash, Security, Passbook, Stock certificate, Draft, Precious-metal, Old-artwork and something for which valuation of price is difficult
Dangerous Objects
(Hazardous materials)
Aerosol system sprayer, Fireworks, Gunpowder and Gun
* Sword kinds (The toy gun stun gun imitation sword << artwork saber>> is included)
Gas container for flammable substances, matchsticks, lighters and ignitable thing
Chemicals All poisons, deleterious substance and drugs (cannabis, opium, cocaine heroin MDMA, law-Evading Hallucinogenic Herbs, psychotropic medicine and  speed drug, any smoking equipment for illegal drugs) are prohibited.
Others Specific Products that are made from leather, fur, horn, bones, and ivory  which are prohibited trading by CITES (The Conversation on International Trade in Endangered Species of  Wild Fauna and Flora) , Soil, Raw Foods, Product made from Straw, Massive Medication, Goods that need special certification for Import, Items which isn’t admitted as personal usage(such as medical equipment with a work tool), Vehicle(Cars, motorcycles), Power Assist bicycle,  Electric Kick Board (motor assisted), Perfume,  Cigarette, alcohol


※ Shipping of up to 25 cosmetic items (includes soap) is permitted, if items are for personal use.  The limit amount applies to a

single type of cosmetic.

※ Any New Items (not used items) valued more than JPY10,000

※  Drug or quasi-drug, disposal contact lenses, vitamins : up to 2-month supplies

※ Canned food, dried fruits, nuts, snacks, juice, coffee, tea, spices or seasonings should be less than 10kg for personal use.

※ Need to disclose contents of video tapes, floppy disks, DVDs, CD-ROMs (only for AIR SHIPMENT)

※ Batteries (including dry cell battery or lithium battery) are prohibited  (only for AIR SHIPMENT)

※ Any Sensitive Electronics, Fragile Items → please use Ocean Shipment or by Hand-Carry

exclamation_point The inspection of contents of items (of the boxes) or everything might be performed by instructions from customs for Import Clearance of Household Goods. In case prohibited goods are found by the inspection of contents, and detection that there is an article of quantity beyond restriction. Delay in delivering process and possibility of the target of a punish by customs law and a Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, etc. This caused not only ownership abandonment but also request presence to the customs and ministry office. An investigation which might affect your Japan Visa status. Please do not include items from other party (unknown) and item which are not checked by yourself in the your baggage. You must take all responsibility as a “shipper” from the customs and ministry office.
 Please consult us if you are unsure about the above Prohibited and Regulated Items

Please do not include the following items in the suitcase and do not to mix with your cargo (packing items).

※ Yamato Group is not responsible for any case of baggage misplacement.


□ Passport or ID card (for family all the members)

□  Key (Card keys, Key for building lobby door), Office keys , Car keys and suitcase keys, and etc.  (for family all the members)

□  The medicine which must be with you at all times

□  Drivers License (and other license )

□  Jewel, Precious-Metal, Expensive -Accessory, Expensive-Clock and Clothing.

□  Credit Card / Cash, Debit Card

□  Cash, Security, Stock Certificate, Draft and Deposit-passbook

□  Important items which are irreplaceable

□  Shoes to be put on at the time of departure  (include all family members)

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