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Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup and Delivery

Waybill and Price


Waybill issuing software “B2″

Corporate Account


Pickup and Delivery

  1. Q1. How can I make a pickup request? Will someone come over to my place?

    Our pickup service is currently available only to TA-Q-BIN corporate customers, with a minimum of 3 parcels per pickup. A surcharge of $3.00 will apply to shipments of less than 3 parcels. Appointments can be scheduled via our website.

  2. Q2. Do you have boxes?

    We have 4 different sizes of boxes.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information if necessary.

    Box Type Box 6
    Box 8
    Box 10
    Box 12
    Box Dimensions (cm)[Length x Breadth x Height] 26.8 x 19.8 x 13 32 x 23 x 15 42.4 x 31.4 x 23.8 50.1 x 37.1 x 29.2
    Rates S$1 S$2 S$3 S$4
  3. Q3. Can you pack my parcel for me?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide packing services. We handle only pre-packed parcels.

  4. Q4. Do you provide house moving services?

    Yes, we provide house moving services. Please click here for more details.

  5. Q5. Can you store my parcels?

    We can deliver on your selected date. However, we do not store parcels.

    Please contact our logistics division for storage services.

  6. Q6. What is the maximum size of parcels?

    The maximum size is up to 160cm and 25kg.

    Please click here for details.

  7. Q7. How can I arrange for re-delivery?

    Please make your re-delivery request via our website.

  8. Q8. Can I request a delivery for 1 month later?

    Unfortunately, you can only select a delivery date within 1 week from your request.

  9. Q9. What kind of compensation do you provide if my parcels become damaged?

    If we are held responsible for damage to your parcels, up to $2,000 can be covered for each invoice.

  10. Q10. Where are the TA-Q-BIN branches and what are their opening hours?

    Please check here.

  11. Q11. Can you deliver parcels on weekends and public holidays?

    TA-Q-BIN services run on Saturdays, but not on Sundays and public holidays.

  12. Q12. Can you pick my items up on weekends and public holidays?

    TA-Q-BIN services run on Saturdays, but not on Sundays and public holidays.

  13. Q13. Are there any no-go zones?

    Yes, there are some no-go zones. Please click here for details.

  14. Q14. Do you deliver packages wrapped in plastic or paper?

    Items must be securely packed so that contents cannot be removed without opening the packaging.

  15. Q15. Can you send me boxes in advance and come to pick them up after I pack the items?

    Yes, we can do that.

  16. Q16. Will you call me if I am absent during delivery/pickup time?

    We will not contact you via telephone. An absent notification slip will be placed at your premises. Alternatively, if your mobile phone number is printed on the consignment note, a notification SMS will be sent to your mobile phone.

  17. Q17. Do you have express services?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide express services.

  18. Q18. Can you pick up my parcels at shopping malls or MRT stations?

    We can only pick up parcels at locations with valid postal addresses.

  19. Q19. Can I send a cheque?

    Yes, we do accept cross cheques for certain services. Please click here for details regarding items for which this service is unavailable.

  20. Q20. What if the receiver is absent several times?

    We will attempt re-delivery within one week, starting from when we receive the parcel from the sender.

    We will contact the sender and return the parcel if the item cannot be delivered to the receiver after one week.

  21. Q21. Can I check the status of my parcels?

    Please retrieve your tracking number and click here to check your parcel’s status.

Waybills and Prices

  1. Q1. Where can I get waybills?

    Blank Waybills

    Waybills are available at each of our branches.
    We will bring waybills to your location if you make a request when you arrange for a pickup.

    Pre-Printed Waybills

    Please email [email protected] for further assistance.

  2. Q2. How can I fill in the waybills?

    Please check this page for instructions regarding how to fill in a waybill.

  3. Q3. How much does it cost to have one parcel delivered?

    Please check this page for further details.

  4. Q4. Do you charge for re-delivery?

    We do not charge any additional fees for re-delivery.

  5. Q5. I don’t want to fill in waybills by hand each time. Do you have any solutions?

    Please check here for other solutions.

  6. Q6. How many waybills are required if I have a few parcels for delivery?

    Each parcel requires its own waybill, so the number of waybills must match the number of parcels.


  1. Q1. What kind of items can be delivered?

    Please click this page for further details.

  2. Q2. How much is it for a Cool TA-Q-BIN delivery?

    There will be an additional charge on top of the usual TA-Q-BIN delivery fee for Cool TA-Q-BIN parcels. Please check this page for further details.

  3. Q3. What are the temperature settings for the refrigerator and freezer?

    The refrigerator temperature is maintained at between 0 – 10 degrees Celsius. The freezer temperature is maintained at under -15 degrees Celsius.

Waybill Issuing Software "B2"

  1. Q1. What do I need in order to install B2?

    You can install B2 if you have a corporate account with us.
    Your computer will need to adhere to the specifications below.


  2. Q2. Is it a free software?

    Yes, it is a free software.

  3. Q3. What is the advantage of B2?

    You will be able to issue waybills on your own, track parcel status, and check your shipment volume data.

  4. Q4. How do I install B2?

    We will provide you with a manual after you open a corporate account with us and apply for B2.

  5. Q5. How can I receive my B2 ID and password?

    Please send an inquiry to the sales department ([email protected]) or call the call center.

  6. Q6. Can you re-issue my B2 ID and password?

    Please send an inquiry to the sales department ([email protected]) or call the call center.

  7. Q7. Can I change the B2 password?

    Unfortunately, the B2 software does not allow a change of password.

  8. Q8. Can I get a copy of the waybill at pickup?

    Unfortunately, the B2 software is not able to issue copies of waybills.
    Please check the B2 data directly.

  9. Q9. How can I get a B2 application form?

    Please inform our drivers or email us ([email protected]).

  10. Q10. Can I request for pickup by B2?

    Unfortunately, B2 does not allow you to send pickup requests automatically.
    Please go to our website or call our hotline to request a pickup. Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches to drop off your parcels.

  11. Q11. What kind of data is required?

    We will provide you with the manual after you open a corporate account and apply for B2.

  12. Q12. Can I use B2 on 2 computers?

    Each computer will need its own individual ID.
    If you intend to run the B2 software on more than one computer, please inform us when we issue you your B2 ID.

  13. Q13. Can you integrate B2 with our own system?

    Please contact our sales department via email for more information ([email protected]).

  14. Q14. I cannot use B2 because there is some kind of error. What should I do?

    Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) or call our hotline, and inform us what kind of error you are encountering.

  15. Q15. Can I do a B2 trial?

    We do not offer trials for our B2 software.
    Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) for further details.

Corporate Accounts

  1. Q1. How can I open a corporate account?

    There are some conditions that must be fulfilled in order to open a corporate account.
    Please email our sales department ([email protected]) for further details.

  2. Q2. What are the advantages in opening a corporate account?

    You will be able to pay by credit instead of cash. We will send you a monthly invoice in the following month.
    You will be able to use our B2 software.
    You will be issued a unique customer code, which means that you will not have to give us your company information each time you use our services.

  3. Q3. What are the payment terms?

    It depends on your contract.
    Please check the payment terms on your invoice in the area indicated in red.


  4. Q4. How can I change my address?

    Please contact our sales department ([email protected]).

  5. Q5. Can you open an account without a UEN (company registration number)?

    Unfortunately, a UEN is required for a corporate contract.
    Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) if you do not have a UEN.

  6. Q6. I lost my customer card.

    Please contact our sales department for assistance ([email protected]).

  7. Q7. Is there a minimum volume for shipment?

    Based on your contract, minimum requirements may apply.
    Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) for further details.

  8. Q8. Can you issue separate invoices for each department?

    Yes, we can arrange for separate invoices. Please inform our sales staff of your invoice requirements when you open an account.

  9. Q9. When can I receive my invoice?

    We will send out your invoice at the beginning of the following month, following our previous month’s closing.
    Your invoice will be sent by the 10th of the following month.

  10. Q10. Can I give you 2 addresses, one for pickup and one for billing?

    Yes, we can arrange for that. Please inform our sales staff when you open an account.

  11. Q11. Can you arrange a fixed pickup time for my business so that I don't have to submit a pickup request everyday?

    Yes, we can make the arrangements for daily pickup if your business has sufficient parcel volume.
    Please contact us via our website for more information.
    Alternatively, you can also visit one of our branches.

  12. Q12. I am planning to run my own business. Can you assist with things like managing warehouses and delivery?

    Please contact our sales department ([email protected]).
    We would be happy to discuss some business solutions we have previously utilized.


  1. Q1. Is TA-Q-BIN (Yamato Transport (S) PTE. LTD) a Japanese company?

    Yes, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company. “TA-Q-BIN” is the name of our delivery service.


  1. Q1. Can I receive my parcels upon arrival at destination?

    With regards to customs clearance, customers must submit an unaccompanied baggage declaration form when they arrive at the destination country. The clearance process will take about 2 weeks for sea freight, and 3 to 5 days for air freight. It is possible for customers to submit the documents ahead of time, in cases of temporary visits before the move (e.g. business trips, leisure travel). If you would like to consider this, please contact us in advance for the requirements.

    Sea and air freight require separate declaration forms. Hence, it is not possible to process customs clearance for both at the same time.

  2. Q2. Is it possible to send items from a warehouse in Japan to a house in Japan?

    Yes, please inform our sales representative before your move and we will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

  3. Q3. Is it possible to move pets?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide pet moving services. However, we do provide documents related to pet relocation.

    For more information, please refer to the following links.

    Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

  4. Q4. Is it possible for you to dispose of garbage?

    We provide disposal services for bulky items and electrical appliances. However, we do not provide disposal services for personal items and garbage. Please arrange for the disposal of such items beforehand.

  5. Q5. Do you provide removal services on weekends and public holidays?

    We operate on Saturday mornings. However, we do not operate on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays. Some condominiums do not permit moving on Saturdays.

  6. Q6. Can I still move if the destination address is not confirmed?

    Sea freight can be used even if the destination address is unconfirmed before the move. If there is a need to store your belongings in the destination warehouse for a long period, please inform us in advance.

  7. Q7. What are the common problems encountered during removal?

    Misplacement of passports or other important documents during sea freight are common. Some customers’ landlords have also claimed that their items were mistakenly included in their shipments. We strongly recommend that you segregate your items properly, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

  8. Q8. Do I need to take note of anything regarding condominium moving?

    A successful application for a house moving permit is required prior to removal. If the parking area and lift are not reserved in advance, we are unable to carry out the removal process even if our schedule is set. Please contact us in advance once your schedule is confirmed.

    ※ We will apply for housing moving permit on your behalf (except for Tanshin Plan).

  9. Q9. Do you provide house cleaning services?

    We do provide this service. However, your landlord may engage an alternative contractor for cleaning services. Please check with your landlord.

  10. Q10. Do you provide airline ticket and hotel reservation services?

    Yes, we can make the arrangements on your behalf. Please contact us for more details.

  11. Q11. What about piano removal?

    Yes, we provide piano moving services both domestically and internationally.

TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
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