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(1) Investment decisions
The information on this website is not intended as a solicitation to invest in Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Yamato”). Any decision to invest in Yamato is made as an individual decision.

(2) Damage that may be incurred in relation to this website
Yamato has made all possible efforts with regard to information posted on this website and other linked websites. However, no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy, completeness, validity, immediacy or timeliness of this information, any of which could include errors, misprints or other defects.
Yamato and its information providers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, financial or otherwise, arising from the use of this information. In addition, Yamato and its information providers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, financial or otherwise, arising from computer system malfunction or any other cause resulting in error, invalidity, delay, omission, defect or suspension of the information provided.

(3) Future forecasts
The current plans, forecasts and strategies of Yamato as described on this website include forward-looking statements related to future results and other future events, which are not statements of historical fact. Such forward-looking statements are based on judgments of Yamamoto’s management in light of information currently available to it, and are subject to risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, the effects of fluctuations in the world economy, the competitive environment, and foreign exchange rates. Consequently, it is possible that actual results could differ significantly from these forecasts. Therefore, you should not place reliance on its contents in making investment decisions.



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This website may include links and banners that will take you to a website of a party other than Yamato Holdings. No company within the Yamato Group, including Yamato Holdings, manages these websites or is responsible for their content.

(2) Precautions regarding links from other websites to this websiteIn principle, the URL of the top page ( of this website may be set as a link destination. Direct links to a page other than the top page, however, is prohibited.

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