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What is TA-Q-BIN?

TA-Q-BIN provides free re-delivery to anywhere in Singapore, excluding No-Go Zones. You can keep track of your parcels with our real-time tracking system.


Click here for Terms & Conditions (PDF).


How to Send a TA-Q-BIN Parcel

Pickup Service

TA-Q-BIN Pickup Service is only available for customers with a corporate account.
Click here to open a corporate account with us.


TA-Q-BIN Service Rates

Parcel Size 60 80 100 120 140 160
Total Size (A+B+C) Max 60cm Max 80cm Max 100cm Max 120cm Max 140cm Max 160cm
Delivery Charge (Next Day Delivery) $9 $11 $13 $17 $25 $30


(Figure A. )

[Important Notes]

• Please contact our sales department ([email protected]) for inquiries regarding TA-Q-BIN rates.

• Total Size (cm) refers to the combined total of the length, width and height of the parcel.

• Service is not available for items that exceed 160cm in size or 25kg in weight.

• Self drop off at our warehouse is only applicable for non-corporate customers (cash customers).

• Payment via bank transfer and cheque is only applicable for corporate customers with service contracts.

TA-Q-BIN Boxes

TA-Q-BIN boxes are available for purchase upon request.

Box Type Box 6
Box 8
Box 10
Box 12
Box Dimensions (cm) 26.8(L) by  19.8(W) by 13(H) 32(L) by 23(W) by 15(H) 42.4(L) by 31.4(W) by 23.8(H) 50.1(L) by 37.1(W) by 29.2(H)
Rates S$1 S$2 S$3 S$4

Items For Which Service is Unavailable

Please refer to our list of Prohibited Items.

How to Fill In Your Waybill

Please use a ball pen to fill in the areas surrounded by bold lines. Press firmly when writing.

1. (Addressee) Name, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code.

2. (Sender) Name, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code.

3. (Delivery Date) Please indicate your preferred delivery date.

5. (Item Description) Please be as descriptive as possible.

Please tick “fragile” or “perishable” for applicable items.


*Customers using “Charge to Receiver” should fill in a Charge to Receiver Waybill.


Waybill for Freight Prepaid

Freight is paid when the parcel is shipped.



Waybill for Charge to Receiver

Freight is paid when the parcel is delivered.


TA-Q-BIN Value-Added Services

Hold Service at Offices

Parcels are temporarily held at the TA-Q-BIN office. Customers can collect their parcels without waiting for delivery.


Please indicate the following information on the waybill:

• The name of the TA-Q-BIN office

• The name and telephone number of the recipient



Designated Delivery Date

TA-Q-BIN is a next-day delivery service. Customers can also designate the date of delivery within one (1) week from when the parcel is handed over to us.

Customers can also designate delivery on Saturdays.




Perishable/Fragile Items

Please inform the sales driver about perishable/fragile items when handing over your parcel.




Side Up/Top Load Only

Ensure correct placement of your parcel during transfer and delivery.





Important Guidelines for Parcel Packing


TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

Air & Sea Freight