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One-Stop Ecommerce Business Solution

Our One-Stop Business Solution is an e-solution that helps you setup or improve on your ecommerce business. You can leverage our strength in logistics to improve your delivery service, hence allowing you to generate more sales.


In what ways can our One-Stop Ecommerce Business Solution help you?
– Manage your business using our mail-order system
– Operate your business using mail-order at a low cost
– Simplify your online order processing by using mail-order
– Increase the number of repeat customers



Case Study

Case Study 1

The majority of the customer complaints you receive regarding mail-order products are about shipping. For example, customers complain that shipping is too slow, or that the product is not delivered on the specified day and time.


With TA-Q-BIN’s streamlined logistics system, rest assured that your goods will be delivered rapidly and safely to your customer’s doorstep. This service makes it possible to satisfy customers who want the product as soon as possible, leading to decreased customer complaints and increased sales.


Case Study 2

Many customers are too busy to stay home all day waiting for a parcel. Some customers might want to change their delivery date or address. This might cause an increased return rate and loss of sales opportunities for your company.


With TA-Q-BIN, we make it possible for customers to specify a delivery date and time at their convenience. If the customer is not at home at the time of attempted delivery, they can request for a re-delivery at no additional cost.

4 Easy Steps to Setup Your Ecommerce Website

How does it work for my business?

Create Your Own Ecommerce Site


Low start-up cost

• With E-shop Asst, you can create your own ecommerce site at a reasonable cost.


Easy to build Ecommerce site

• Features necessary for the smooth operation of online shops are set as standard features so anyone can start their own business easily.

• You can create it easily just by using preset templates, or customize it with your own unique design and settings.

• The ecommerce website is compatible with smartphones too.


Customer Management Using Our Mail-Order System

Time-saving mail-order management

• Lots of features are available to manage your mail-order tasks. This frees up time for you to spend on promoting your sales!


Improves efficiency for deliveries

• You can prepare your waybills or invoices for deliveries conveniently through the mail-order system.


Respond promptly to inquiries

• Sales data is displayed clearly, allowing you to easily trace and track individual orders when responding to customer inquiries.


Foster repeat customers based on daily orders

• You can develop marketing strategies based on daily order data generated from the system.


Capitalize on your customer database for targeted sales promotions

• You can select targeted customers for your sales promotions based on their buying characteristics and past purchases.


TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

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