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Moving Services for Retail Customers

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Moving Services for Corporate Customers

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Overseas Moving Service Comparison Chart

Type of Overseas Moving Service Self-Pack Sea Plan to Japan Standard International Moving Plan Self-Pack Air Plan to Japan
Delivery Destination Japan only International Japan only
Mode of Transport Sea Freight Sea Freight Air Freight Air Freight via Ta-Q-Bin
Singapore Meeting and On-site Survey
Documents Preparation OP
Packing and Documentation
Removal of unwanted furniture OP
Moving out of items by Yamato staff
Export Customs Clearance
Destination Country Import Customs Clearance
Moving In
Type of delivery Doorstep delivery only Room delivery

Doorstep delivery only

(via Ta-Q-Bin)

Assembly of bulky furniture
Unpacking of small items
Free storage after customs clearance 1 month 1 month
Collection of empty boxes upon request On the move-in (delivery) day
One-time collection at a later date
○ = Service is provided by Yamato Transport
– = To be done by Customer
OP (Optional) = Can be done by Yamato Transport at an additional cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I receive my parcels upon arrival at destination?

With regards to customs clearance, customers must submit an unaccompanied baggage declaration form once they arrive at the destination country. The clearance process will take about 2 weeks for sea freight, and 3 to 5 days for air freight.

Sea and air freight require separate declaration forms. Hence, it is not possible to process customs clearance for both at the same time.


Q2. Is it possible to send items from a warehouse in Japan to a house in Japan?

Yes, please inform our sales representative before your move and we will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.


Q3. Is it possible to move pets?

Unfortunately, we do not provide pet moving services. However, we do provide documents related to pet relocation.


Q4. Is it possible to dispose of garbage?

We provide disposal services for bulky items and electrical appliances. However, we do not provide disposal services for personal items and garbage.


Q5. Do you provide removal services on weekends and public holidays?

We operate on Saturday mornings. However, we do not operate on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays. Some condominiums do not permit moving on Saturdays.


Q6. Can I still move if the destination address is not confirmed?

Sea freight can be used even if the destination address is unconfirmed before the move. If there is a need to store your belongings in the destination warehouse for a long period, please inform us in advance.


Q7. What are the common problems encountered during removal?

Misplacement of passports or other important documents during sea freight are common. Some customers’ landlords have also claimed that their items were mistakenly included in their shipments. We strongly recommend that you segregate your items properly, in order to ensure a smooth transition.


Q8. Do I need to take note of anything regarding condominium moving?

A successful application for a house moving permit is required prior to removal. If the parking area and lift have not been reserved in advance, we will be unable to carry out the removal process even if we confirmed our schedule with you at an earlier stage. Please contact us as soon as your schedule is confirmed.


Q9. Do you provide house cleaning services?

We do provide this service. However, your landlord may engage an alternative contractor for cleaning services. Please check with your landlord.


Q10. Do you provide airline ticket and hotel reservation services?

Yes, we can make the arrangements on your behalf. Please contact us for more details.


Q11. What about piano removal?

Yes, we provide piano moving services both domestically and internationally.



Mini Seminar : Planning your Return Home

Topic 1: Preparations to Return Home

First Step of your return back home
  1. Voyage procedure (hotel and air-ticket)
  2. Employment issue (Greetings and continuation of the moving)
  3. Moving (Storage space available in Japan)
Educational Matters
  1. Private school and examination. Contact a school or a private tuition school early.
  2. Public primary and secondary school As it varies for different district, advance research for information is recommended.

Reference information Ministry of Education

Government and Bank Matter
  1. Application for departure from Singapore Application available via Ministry of Foreign Affairs OOR website.
    Application from the WEB
  2. Return of EP/DP
    Application available via Ministry of Manpower website.
    Application from WEB
  3. Closure of Bank Account
    Means having one account cancellation of a contract too in consideration of the payment of utilities after return home.
  4. Closure of Credit Card Account Required to produce original copy of contract termination request form and cut credit card into half.
  5. Termination of Insurance
    Contract termination for insurance such as car loans.
Accomodation and Lifestyle Matters
  1. Termination of electricity, gas, piping.
    Application for Contract Termination
  2. Redirect mails
    Application for Mails Redirection
  3. Contract termination for Cable TV
    Return Cable TV equipment to a Cable TV company.
  4. Contract Termination for Internet Terminate contract with provider and return equipments.
  5. Contract termination for housing
    Cleaning is required in order to faciliate room viewing.
  6. Contact Termination for Telephone
  7. Pet Relocation
    Click here for more details.

Topic 2: Preparations after Returning Home

Contract Related Matters
  • Moving In Notification
  • Driving License
  • Moving In Notification (Post Office)
  • Water supply, electricity, gas, etc
  • Internet, mobile phone subscription
Miscellaneous matter after returning home
  1. Souvenirs
    Souvenirs TA-Q-BIN
    Forgot to buy souvenirs from Singapore?
  2. Electronics and Furniture Rental
    Yamato Home Convenience
    It is a waste to purchase new items before shipment arrives.

Useful links for Japanese customers moving to Singapore


TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

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