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International TA-Q-BIN

Suspension of International TA-Q-BIN service due to Bad Weather. Locations that are affected. Click here.

What is International TA-Q-BIN?


International TA-Q-BIN provides low-cost, easy, and safe parcel delivery service to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Malaysia (Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur,Putrajaya & Penang states only), where Yamato can provide a high quality of delivery service.


– Only $20 for delivering a document to Malaysia

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur,Putrajaya & Penang states only

– And $25 for delivering a document to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai



– Simply call 1800-2255-888 for parcel collection

– Or drop-off parcel at our branch office




– Real-time tracking system available for all delivery

International TA-Q-BIN Service Rates

Parcel Size Document 60 80 100 120 140 160
Volumetric Size Up to 1Kg Max 60cm Max 80cm Max 100cm Max 120cm Max 140cm Max 160cm
(Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan & Hong Kong)
S$25 S$50 S$100 S$150 S$200 S$250 S$300
(Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur,Putrajaya & Penang states only)
S$20 S$30 S$60 S$100 S$120 S$140 S$160

[Important Notes]

  • Total Size (cm) refers to the combined total of the length, width and height.
  • When the parcel size exceeds the standard size stated, the larger parcel size shall apply.
  • Service is not available for items that exceeds size 160cm or weight 25kg.
  • Import duty, Consumer Tax, Value Added Tax and any other Tax & Duty will be billed separately.
  • Delivery Charge is prepaid only.
  • Delivery charge billed to Receiver is not acceptable.
  • Service area in Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur,Putrajaya and Penang states.

How to fill in waybill?

1. Write down name, address, phone number, and postal code of addressee.

2. Write down name, address, phone number, and postal code of sender.

3. Write down sender’s signature.

4. Select “Document under 1kg”, “Document over 1kg, or””Non-document”.

5. Select how to pay a duty and a tax in “Payment for Duty & Tax”.

6. Fill in what is inside in “Description of Goods”.

7. Fill in how much is the value of goods inside in “Value for Customs”.


How to fill in an invoice? (for parcels or documents over 1kg)


1. Write down a tracking number and shipment date of parcels.


2. Write down an address, postal code, full name, tel, and email address of shipper.


3. Write down an address, postal code, full name, and tel of consignee.


4. Write down description of goods, quantity, unit price, and declared value. Tick used or new.


5. Select the purpose of sending goods.


6. Write down origin country of goods, net weight, and gross weight.


7. Select the payment for duty & tax.


8. Read the declaration and tick the checkboxes.


9. Write down your signature.

** Please provide two copies of invoices.

How to send a parcel?

Pickup Service

You can arrange for our pick up service by using the pickup request form on our website or simply give us a call. Based on your request, a sales driver in-charge will pickup your parcel from the location of your choice.



Drop off Parcel at our Branch Office

You can drop off your parcel at the branch office nearest to your location and enjoy S$1 discount per parcel when you drop-off your parcel in person.


Items for which International TA-Q-BIN service is not available

Category Item Example
Food Products Goods that require temperature management and perishable goods Confectionery such as pastries, cakes and chocolate
Perishable foods Vegetables and fruits
Alcoholic Beverages Sake, whisky, beer, regular alcoholic beverages, cooking wine, mirin etc
Any meat products Preserved meat (beef jerky et ), canned meat or essence of meat
Unprocessed beans
Uncooked rice Retort pouch pre-cooked rice is permitted
Health foods, medications and supplements Health supplement and Vitamin tablets etc
Chewing gum (Except oral dental and medicated gum)
Dairy products Milk, cheese, powdered milk, yoghurt etc
Mineral water and beverage
Animals and Plants Cut flowers New year decoration such as sacred straw rope
Seeds and soil Bonsai
Furs Fox fur etc
Live animals, fish, insects
Goods against the Washington Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Spicies) and their by-products Elephant tusk, tortoise shell, ostriches, etc
Dangerous Items and Drugs Firearms, swords, knives, razor blades (Including its imitation)
All types of batteries
Mobile phones, computers, laptops and other electronic devices
Flammable, ignitable or volatile items Fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters, paint thinner, lighters, fireworks, manicure products, spray, hair mousse, glue, paint, perfume, shoe polish wax, hot pad, charcoal, magnet and firecrackers etc
Poisonous or toxic substances
Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances Tiger Balm, household medicine etc
Gas spring Gas type auto mobile shock absorber including items related to opening / closing of rear gate
Others Individual packages with a value that exceeds S$2,000
Items that exceed size of International TA-Q-BIN Example: Regular size golfbag with golfclubs inside (depending on the actual size)
Cash, Cheque, Stock, application for admission, other marketable
securities and credit card
Documents with reassurance constraints such as Passport and driving
 Cigarette, chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products
Reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video compact discs,
laser discs, records or cassettes
Traveler’s unaccompanied baggage or removal parcel
Electromagnetic wave treatment appliance
Obscene articles and publications
Drawings and antiques
Jewelleries and precious stones
Liquid products Shampoo, facial wash, contact lens cleaning solution etc
Seditious and treasonable materials
Luggage (i.e. suitcase) with items inside Empty suitcase properly packed inside a box is permitted (subject to its size)
 Ship related items
Correspondence (due to section 5 of Postal Service Regulation in Japan)
Parcel that do not have proper packaging (No paper bags are permitted,
must be in a box)