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What is Cross-Border Trucking?

In recent years, there has been a tremendous demand for Cross-Border Trucking service between Singapore and Malaysia due to its cost-effective and time-efficient features. With Yamato Transport’s expertise in air and sea freight, we are delighted to launch this new service to provide more flexibility and choice for your business needs. With our Cross-Border Trucking service, you can have more options even if you have small volumes.


In order to make cross-border delivery a swift and easy process for your business, we provide the following value-added services.
• Transportation between Singapore and Malaysia
• Customs clearance
• Import – Export Permits
Only commercial cargo(Company to Company/Non-personal cargo) is acceptable


Why choose Yamato Transport for Cross-border Trucking?

Cost Effective

  A more economic option in comparison to air-freight.

Time Effective

 A faster route compared to sea-freight. It takes us only 2 days to deliver within Singapore and Malaysia.

Real-time Tracking System

Track your cargo with our real-time tracking system.

Door-to-door Service

 We ensure a hassle free delivery channel for you whereby you can select the pickup and delivery point.

Organised and Efficient Delivery Route

 Our scheduled departures and defined routes between major hubs ensure a swift delivery process.

Expertise in local customs clearance procedure

 Entrust us with the complicated customs documentation and clearance procedures while you focus on business planning.

Cargo Insurance

 Flexible cargo insurance at a competitive price.

Physical Goods Movement Charts

Bulk Shipment_EN


Physical Goods Movement_EN

Standard Custom Documentation Process

Cut-Off Time for Custom Document Preparations (one day before shipment pick-up date)

Pre-Alert Invoice/Packing List must be provided as below schedule Invoice/Packing List must be provided as below schedule
General Goods By 1800hrs (Mon – Fri)
By 1200hrs (Sat)
By 0900hrs (Mon – Sat)
Controlled Items By 1400hrs (Mon – Fri) Requires to inform in advance to check necessary import procedure.
Custom Form / CCP Custom Form / CCP will be email in return
By 2100hrs (Mon – Fri)
Custom Form / CCP will be email in return By 1400hrs (Mon – Fri)


ø Shipper must ensure that the goods are permissible by Malaysia/Singapore Customs respectively.
ø Any import license required must be submit to Yamato prior to declaration of goods.

TA-Q-BIN Parcel Tracking
Track What is a TA-Q-BIN tracking number?
Click here to track more than one parcel.

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