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Our Services

International E-Commerce Delivery

Our innovative Global Direct model is designed especially for companies looking to begin or expand their E-commerce business by helping to solve common issues such as long delivery times, ballooning logistics costs, and customer complaints. We establish a direct link between manufacturers and their international customers, bypassing the need for warehouses and associated extra costs in destination countries. We also offer a wide range of delivery-related services in order to provide maximum convenience for your customers.

Via Air

Via Cross Border Trucking

Ideal Solution for:

Companies beginning or expanding their E-Commerce operations in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore

    • Compliance support (Product regulations, etc.)
    • Fast and reliable customs clearance
    • Local customer service team
    • Flexible delivery options (availability depending on country)
      • Locker/convenience store delivery
      • Same day re-delivery / timezone delivery
      • Flexible cash on delivery options (DDP, DDU, and more)
      • Customizable return/disposal services

Companies looking to use Singapore as a distribution hub

    • Zero-GST Warehouse Scheme

Schedule Sample

Pickup Day

Pickup + Export

Day 1-2

Customs Clearance

Day 2-3


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